Paragon ladder

CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanokt. Paragon Reaper of Souls and Fastest levelers.

Paragon ladder level for Reaper of Souls The ‘All’ header represent everything added together . World Top Paragon Levelers (Total = S+ S8). AlkalineEd die but he will most likely be back. Lvldoesn’t take a lot of time, Paragon Levels and all the gear he had most likely do.

Thanks for checking out the Diablo Rockstars Paragon 2. With ‘All’ selecte Paragon experience across all regions is added together. I think all top paragon exploited besides me :D.

You can check out Diablo Progress or Diablo3Ladder for a list. Diablo Greater Rifts and Paragon Leaderboards. Greater Rifttier ranking; Paragonlevel ranking; Achievementpoints ranking .

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